Wedding Ceremonies in the Ancient Court Room

The 16th century Court Room is available as a venue for your Civil Marriage or Partnership Ceremony and can accommodate up to 60 wedding guests.

Silk flower arrangements can be provided free of charge in the Court Room should you choose not to provide your own flowers.

Equipment is also available free of charge for playing secular music during the ceremony. You can also provide your own decorations - see photos below.

The Guildhall staff will be happy to arrange for you to view the Court Room and assist in any way they can with your wedding or other ceremony requirements.

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Courtroom dressed for Wedding

Courtroom dressed for Wedding

Portrait of Charles II

Brief History of the Guildhall Courtroom

The Guildhall, including the Court Room, dates back to 1579 and has many interesting architectural and historical features. The modern annexe was added in 1973.

Queen Elizabeth the First was in Sandwich in 1573 and there is a stained glass window in the oak panelled Court Room depicting her reception at Sandown Gate.

In the beginning the Court Room was the Cinque Port equivalent of the Old Bailey Assizes, and until 1952, Quarter Sessions were held here.

There are portraits in the Court Room of Charles II and his brother, the Duke of York (later to become James II), the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

The halberds (pikestaffs) hanging from the ceiling beams are relics of the Cinque Ports Fleet and were always carried before judges of the Assizes. Police continued this custom up to 1951.


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